CV's/ Resumes, Personal Branding & Job Search

Writing professional CV’s and providing assistance throughout the job search process.

I create Personal Branding collateral and provide tactical guidance on how and when to use your branding material. The Personal Brand toolkit for today’s world is a CV/ Resume + LinkedIn Profile + Networking Presentation Statement + Motivational Letter + Biography + Social Network presence.

Job Search is not just one activity as the title implies – it’s a continuum of activities with a starting point consisting of multiple actions that happen consecutively. We don’t just focus on one job exclusively but on multiple opportunities, widening the net and increasing the chances of success.

Clients who’ve adopted this approach have found the process builds confidence and can result in multiple job offers at the same time, where they’ve been presented with a new problem: being spoilt for choice!

We also don’t spend too much time and energy on advertised job positions (although we do pursue these avenues). The reason being research supports the fact that advertised jobs don’t deliver as well as the strategic approach of generating your own opportunities by focusing on the hidden job market. What’s that you ask? Work with me and I’ll show you.

Perhaps you’ve read my article on the Job Search Obstacle Course (under Articles menu) or perhaps you don’t need to because you’ve already come to the conclusion that you need assistance with your Job Search Process:

Working with a qualified and experienced Career Management Coach will assist you in the following areas:

  1. Self-reflection and self-assessment, identifying your talents, strengths and personal values.
  2. Identifying ideal work environments for you, matching your personality, skills and ambitions.
  3. Identifying non-serving behaviour.
  4. Charting a personal and actionable career-plan.
  5. Identifying your contributions and determining what value the employer will receive from engaging with you.
  6. Creation of your personal brand and marketing material (CV/Resume, cover letter, marketing pitch, LinkedIn profile).
  7. Developing and executing a networking strategy.
  8. Interview preparation which includes role-playing.
  9. Negotiating a win-win salary.
  10. Acing the probation period.
  11. Working towards a promotion.
  12. Ensuring progress in your career.

There’s perhaps no one better to provide CV/Resume tips and job search advice than a Human Resources Manager. Fortunately I have 10+ years of expertise in this field in addition to my time spent as a Career Management Coach, and therefore truly understand what employers are seeking.

Career Path

Because it’s unlikely that your career path will be straightforward, I provide tactical and strategic advice along the roads’ twists and turns. As an experienced human resources professional I offer deeper insight into workplace systems, helping you understand the dynamics and processes, which in turn enables you to make considered decisions and take appropriate action. It is my goal to take the guesswork out of the journey, reducing your stress levels, allowing you to put your best self forward.

Personal Branding Made Easy

I take the pain out of generating your personal branding and marketing material; besides having to elicit the core information from you, I write CV’s that make recruiters and hiring managers pick up the phone and invite you to an interview.

Should you require more than one CV that highlights different strengths and work experience I create different versions of you, all of them truthful, just edited differently, using keywords accurately. I coach you to differentiate your offerings and to speak to the value you bring in each field.


The costs involved pay dividends when the end result is a job that makes you happy, fulfilled, well remunerated and rewarded with growth opportunities.

It’s worth the investment when:

  • Retrenchment doesn’t throw you off balance to the point that you throw the baby out with the bathwater
  • Relocation feels like an adventure and not a dislocation
  • A curveball is like playing a game of catch
  • Re-entering the workforce feels like child’s play and not an adult maze of disorientation
  • Dreams of promotion becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

082 494 2284


082 494 2284